You never know what you might find at an antique store.

To this writer, visiting an antique store is a bit like bargain-hunting or going to a thrift store. Sure, there are some differences. You typically have to sort through trash to find treasure at a thrift store, whereas most things at antique stores inherently have some value. Items at antique stores are also likely to cost more money than something you find at your local Saver's or Goodwill.

Nonetheless, it's exciting to enter an antique store, or any place that sells secondhand items. You could stumble upon something unique that you won't find anywhere else.

Larger antique items like furniture are particularly special in that they add charm and character to your living space. If you're like yours truly, you believe that a home doesn't have to be decked out top to bottom with antique furniture. Instead, a few strategically-placed, refurbished pieces can be the perfect conversation-starters.

Whether you're looking to furnish your new home or just want to poke around and see what clothes, furnishings, or trinkets you might find, here's a list of popular antique stores in New Hampshire that are worth a visit. Many of these spots were recommended by locals, so they have the Granite Stater seal of approval.

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