Unsurprisingly, 2023 was another banner year for the beer industry in Maine.

The Pine Tree State did its part in making sure the craft, domestic, and import brewery business remained healthy. Considering the latest numbers, I would say Maine did more than enough.

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Congratulations Maine, we drank a ton of suds last year. How much? Well, according to the latest numbers from World Population Review, the average Mainer took down over 32 gallons of beer in 2023. That was enough brew to have Maine finish as the 7th highest state for consumption. Congratulations?

That's a ton of beer. This basically means the average Mainer drank nearly seven beers a week. That's more than enough.

As impressive(?) as this is, it's nothing compared to our brethren across the border in New Hampshire. The Granite Staters actually came in first for beer drinking, with an average of 41.5 gallons per year. Apparently, their new motto is "Live Free, Drink a Ton, or Die."

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Vermont also finished ahead of Maine, coming in with a ranking of 5th. The Green Mountain folks averaged a solid 34 gallons of beer.

As for the driest state? It's probably not what you would guess, because I know you would say Utah. However, that is not the case. The state with the lowest consumption was actually the state known for crab cakes and football, Maryland. The average there was a lowly (or healthy) 19.7 gallons.

You can find the entire list here. And I hope you are already doing your part to contribute to Maine's consumption in 2024 (if you're old enough, of course).

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