So, what's the better-tasting catch? A Maine lobster or a spiny lobster?

We now have our answer, thanks to one of Maine's most popular social media stars.

This video was posted by Jacob Knowles, a fifth-generation lobsterman here in Maine. Jake posted the video recently on his popular TikTok page, and it blew up. Jake is down in Florida enjoying some rays and the local (?) food scene.

The lobsterman's goal is to try Maine lobster dishes from a variety of restaurants based on pricing. So of course, one of the stops has to be Red Lobster, because why not?

Red Lobster and Maine have a long and tenuous history. And by that, I mean Red Lobster had no chance making it in the state where you can get a lobster at nearly every food spot in Maine. Needless to say, it was not surprising that Jake had never eaten at one.

But the real story wasn't necessarily Red Lobster, it was the ultimate taste test of two regionalized lobster, the Maine and the spiny.

A Maine lobster is completely different than its lamer cousin, the spiny. According to A-Z Animals, the major differences include claw and antennae size. Maine lobsters have much bigger claws, but much smaller antennae than the spiny. The advantage this gives Maine's lobster is a claw full of delicious meat. Plus, a lobster with big claws is just cool-looking.

Jacob Knowles via Tik Tok
Jacob Knowles via Tik Tok

Jake decided to get both lobsters to taste test, and naturally started with the Maine lobster.

He came away impressed with the flavor of Red Lobster's version, but did question if the meat was steamed. You could tell the texture wasn't his favorite. However, Jake did seem to enjoy what the chain restaurant prepared.

It was an entirely different story when the Jakester tried the Spiny lobster, which, let's be honest, never really had a chance. Just check out this facial expression.

Jacob Knowles via Tik Tok
Jacob Knowles via Tik Tok

That is clearly a man who has no interest in eating this junk. I don't even think Red Lobster is to blame. Spiny lobster just isn't in the same universe as Maine lobster. It was no surprise that Jake didn't want any more of that monstrosity.

Thanks to Jake, everyone now knows the truth about what lobster reigns supreme. I also assume 99.9% of you already knew this fact. I'm just glad hundreds of thousands of folks out there are also learning this through Jake's massive social media brand.

This publicity is nothing new for the TikTok star. Big Jake has gained quite an incredible following since he started posting his lobstering videos on social media. Currently, he has over three million subscribers on TikTok alone.

I highly recommend giving him a follow. It's a fascinating look at Maine's number one industry. You can also watch the full Miami restaurant tour on his YouTube page.

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