New Hampshire Residents Report Scam Phone Calls

The Strafford County Sherriff's Office post describes the most recent scam targeting people.  The scammers will call you with information that is accurate like, your address and place of employment.  Various things that may convince you that this is a legit call.

The bad guys will then ask for money to pay a fine or something like that.  The Sherriff's Department wants you to know that it is not a legitimate call.  They do not ever call people to ask for money.

It's really hard to tell what's real and what's not these days.  We can't tell if a picture is real, if someone's voice is real, or if the email you got from a family member is really from a family member.

Have you ever received an email from a colleague and deleted it, thinking it was fake?  I have sent more emails to our IT department asking if it's legit, because I don't want to be the one that takes the company systems down.

Everyone is a target for bad guys, absolutely everyone. Not just older people.  All it takes is throwing away something in the trash with your address on it.  If that gets in the hands of the bad guys, you are a target.  If you have a cell phone with any app on it, you are a target.

Basically, if you have a job, own a home, phone, or computer, or go on vacation, you're a target.  You unfortunately have to be suspicious of everyone and everything these days.

Am I beginning to sound paranoid?  Maybe.  Better paranoid than broke.

Have you ever been targeted?

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