Whether you do or don't believe in aliens, other forms of life, or anything extraterrestrial, I have a story that will sure make you at least think about it.

By the way, I certainly believe there are other forms of life that are outside of Earth. We CANNOT be the only planet with living creatures in the entire galaxy.

Anyway, this is NOT biased information, just an alleged UFO sighting from an American Airlines pilot. For the record, UFO does not mean alien, but simply an unidentified flying object.

And for what it is worth, I think there are reliable UFO sightings and questionable ones. A UFO sighting from a group of drunk college kids might not be as reliable as a pilot up in the sky FACE TO FACE with one.

And that is exactly what happened on February 12, 2024, during a flight from Boston, Massachusetts, to Harrisburg International Airport in Pennsylvania.

The conversation starts with the pilot radioing in what he sees...

Well, you're going to think I'm crazy, there's something that just went from right to left to right in a blink and then flashed his lights three or four times and then vanished.

Air traffic control responded by saying that it was likely another aircraft nearby. The pilot did not see it that way...

This thing went 180 degrees in like a second.

Air traffic control asked the pilot to let them know if they saw it again.

Well the detail - it literally went from one coast to another in front of us and then it went up like 30 degrees, turned off its lights or whatever it had, it looked like it was a bright orangey thing.

The pilot goes on to say:

"And then since we spoke to you last, it flashed us like three or four times and its still we are still looking at it now...60, 80 miles in front of us and it looks like it's coming, don't know it's flashing toward us, but it is definitely not an airplane it doesn't have the strobe lights or anything on it. Its just this bright orange going on and off..."


3d rendering metal ufo or alien spaceship in the sky
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The final confirmation from the pilot says it all (at least to me, who is a believer):

Yup, this definitely wasn't an airplane.

Perhaps it is also important to disclaim that I have not found an American Airlines record of this conversation.

Could the airline bury it? Or do we live in a world where social media creation and AI make anything possible?

So now this begs the question, is this real or some fake content made to get suckers like me all worked up?

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