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Okay, I'll start out by saying this first season of The End of Us has 9 episodes and is an HBO Max series. If you're like me, who subscribes for a month or two to various streaming services then drops them for a while as a personal money-saving hack, then then this just may be your time to add HBO Max back in the rotation for a bit.

Grown Gaming
Grown Gaming

I'm so not a post-apocalyptic show kind of fan, but when one take place in areas I love or know so well, I find myself gravitating toward giving them a chance.

Collider is actually calling it a horror series, so take that into consideration as well.

The Last of Us is one of the richest stories ever told in any medium. It isn't just another zombie game in a needlessly crowded sub-genre. Its central horrors lie within its complex broken human soul. However, half the “fun” of Last of Us is seeing some of America’s most iconic cities like Pittsburgh and Boston in this new terrifying light. Each location is like a living breathing scary character in its own undead right despite everywhere you travel being abandoned.

This all said, this newest TV series is based on a video game, another aspect of life I'm not into, but with tens of millions of fans, it's no surprise it's been turning into a television series.

Grown Gaming
Grown Gaming

According to the New York Times, The Last of Us takes place 20 years after humanity was basically wiped out by a pandemic in 2003, so it's now the year 2023.  Keep in mind that the video game came out years prior to COVID-19.  I mean, if that doesn't give you the chills, you know?   Boston is core in the game, according to Grown Gaming, which is one of the premiere adult gaming websites. It definitely is a scene-stealer, as the idea of Boston becoming one of the last bastions of humanity is a core hook.

It doesn't all take place in Boston, though, as the main characters make their way across the country in an overgrown, post-apocalyptic journey visiting multiple cities and settlements starting in Austin, Texas, then spending at least three episodes in Boston, then suburban Lincoln, Massachusetts, onto Pittsburgh, Jackson, Wyoming, Boulder, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Feel free to find out more here from HBO Max if you'd like and by the way, according to Wikipedia, the show was actually filmed in Canada.

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