The City of Dover is holding an online historical lecture series as part of its 'Dover 400' celebration to mark Dover's upcoming quadricentennial in 2023.

The first lecture, titled "Indigenous People of the Piscataqua Watershed," will be held January 21 at 7 p.m.

According to the event page on Facebook, the presentation will start with a land recognition ceremony and introduction by Kathleen Blake. The presentation itself will be hosted by David Miller.

"Before we can learn of the native people of the Piscataqua River Watershed, we need to understand the watershed itself," the post read.

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The post said Miller began researching the history of the Native Americans in the area and allegedly found that no definitive research existed. For this reason, Miller "took it upon himself to rectify this gap in the historic record," per the post.

Here is an excerpt from the post regarding Miller:

Miller is known for his research on the native peoples of the Piscataqua River watershed. This geographic area had all the elements necessary for comfortable survival and prolonged life for the native peoples who lived here before contact with Europeans starting in the late 1400s and early 1500s.

And as for Blake:

Kathleen Blake is an alumna of the University of New Hampshire and of Plymouth State University. She is an indigenous mother and grandmother, and a retired teacher of environmental and biological sciences and school administrator. She is the current chair of the New Hampshire Commission on Native American Affairs, an affiliate member of the UNH Indigenous Studies Minor Program, and a member of the Indigenous New Hampshire Collective Collaborative.

Although attending the virtual lecture is free, pre-registration is required to obtain the link to join. Dover 400 is asking those interested to visit their website.

Dover 400 is also seeking volunteers for a number of different roles, according to their Facebook page. Those opportunities include PR/communication/marketing, event management, fundraising and advancement, parade organization, technology/social media and merchandising/souvenirs.

Anyone interested is encouraged by Dover 400 to reach them by email at

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