A stray llama was found wandering in a field off a street Newburyport and local animal control is attempting to find its owner(s), according to a Facebook post.

Per the post from Newburyport/West Newbury Animal Control, a stray llama was found wandering in a field off Hale Street in Newburyport. The post said the llama was totally alone.

The post asked anyone with information to contact local animal control.

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An update to the post said the llama was being held temporarily at nearby Tiny Acres Farm until the owners can be located.

Here is an excerpt from the post by Newburyport/West Newbury Animal Control:

The llama is being held temporarily at a local farm until we can locate his owners. Thank you all to everyone who made calls to help try and reunite this guy with his family! And huge thank you to Tiny Acres Farm for housing him!

According to Graustarkllamas.com, a llama can have a lifespan to 15 to 20 years. The website also said the average cost of breeding llamas is around $1,500 for males and weaning-age females and $2,000 for mature females.

Here's what the website had to say about whether llamas make good pets:

Because of their intelligence and gentle nature, llamas are delightful pets and are very good with children. Gelded males or non-pregnant females are recommended for pets. Just remember, they need another of their kind for companionship.

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