You know what they say, "love the sinner, hate the sin."

It turns out that Granite Staters abide by that rule better than most.

No matter how you define "sin", nobody's perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. And as a recent WalletHub study says, "each of the 50 states has its own virtues and vices."

The goal of said study – which was published by the personal finance website – was to determine the most and least sinful states in America. But how does one define "sin" here? What makes a state more or less sinful than another?

According to WalletHub, the most sinful states are made up of folks who frequently give in to immoral or illicit behavior such as excessive gambling, drinking, drug use, bullying, theft, and violent crimes. You can take a look at the methodology breakdown here.

It turns out that we behave ourselves better than others here in New Hampshire, and are the 3rd least sinful state in the US. That's some high praise, right there. The only states that are less sinful than us are Idaho and Wyoming. What do people even do out there? This writer would like to know.

Anyway, a more specific look at the breakdown shows that us Granite Staters are the least angry and hateful people in the country. We also don't struggle much with feelings of lust or laziness, apparently. That said, we are a little greedy, coming in as the 18th greediest in the country.

To take an in-depth look at the study and see where our fellow New England states ranked, click here.

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