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Passing off counterfeit money is nothing new. It happens every so often and sometimes it's spotted immediately. Other times criminals get away with using phony money and essentially getting away with stuff absolutely free, with the burden on the seller.

The latter is what happened at Kindred Farms Market & Bakery in Casco, when a woman took advantage of a young employee by giving her a $100 bill that was a movie prop. I don't fault the young woman at all for thinking the $100 bill was real. The photo that Kindred Farms shared showed the fake $100 bill and you can see it looks very authentic except for the words "COPY" a few places on the bill, "For Motion Picture Use Only" which is in the same font as "Unites State of America" on the real $100 Bill and in small letters beneath it "THIS IS NOT LEGAL. IT IS TO BE USED FOR MOTION PROPS."

Kindred Farms Market & Bakery via Facebook
Kindred Farms Market & Bakery via Facebook

In a Facebook post on Kindred Farms Market & Bakery's page, they call out those involved paying with fake money and in no uncertain terms, let the person know that they have two choices.

"Lucky for us this was the only $100 bill anyone paid with that day so we were easily able to find your transaction in our register and know you came in at 12:10pm." the post reads. "Unlucky for you we were also able to pull you up on our camera system and watched as you carried out your crime...We saw you as you smirked at the gentleman accomplice you were with and slid the change you got back into his pocket and the brief look of glee you both exchanged as you realized you’d gotten away with it....Better yet for us we also have cameras outside and we’re able to record the plate number of your vehicle which will be turned over to law enforcement if you don’t come back and give us back the $100 you took from us. We know you know what you did was wrong, you have 2 days to come in and make it right."

I have to say big kudos to the owners of Kindred Farms for giving this person a chance to make things right. Not a lot of people would do that, myself included.

The question now remains. Will this person return to make things right or will they risk getting away with it and having the police notified? Everyone is waiting to see the outcome of this saga and let's hope that they do the right thing.

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