As the story goes, if you're going to choose to live in Maine, you're choosing to live through winter. Every town and city in Maine sees snow at some point during the winter, some more than others.

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Real estate outfit Redfin decided to collect some data and determine which cities across all of America see the most average seasonal snowfall per year. That's important, because they're only factoring how much snow falls from when winter begins to when winter ends on the calendar.

Another key data point is city size. Redfin only looked at cities with 75,000 residents or more to determine which cities are the snowiest in the nation. More on that data point later.

Lobster traps on a commercial pier during a snowstorm in Maine

Redfin declared that Portland, Maine, is the #10 snowiest city in all of America based on their data points. Portland averages 68.7 inches of snowfall during the winter season. The largest seasonal snowfall in Portland's history saw a whopping 141.5 inches fall on the city.

As every Mainer knows, Portland is not the snowfall capital of the state. It's usually not even close. Using Redfin's own metrics, Portland probably shouldn't have been included on their list at all, considering the city's population during the last census was 68,408.

Car buried in snow

The majority of the snowiest cities in America all see lake-effect snow throughout the winter, adding inches and sometimes feet to what would normally be ordinary snowstorms. The only other New England state to be deemed among the "snowiest" was Worcester, Massachusetts, which ranked #9 overall with 72.9 inches of average snowfall per winter season.

Top 10 Snowiest Cities in America

If you love skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and maybe even shoveling, you will love the places on this list of the Top 10 Snowiest Cities in America. For this ranking Redfin looked at populations of 75,000 or more that had the highest average seasonal snowfall. Let's dig in.

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