I’ve moved around a lot, between parents houses, apartments, grandparents, college spots, the list goes on. There are a lot of stressful parts about moving, but what freaks me out the most is the thought of a check getting lost in the mail.

This actually happens a LOT.

An uncashed check is one of many reasons the state of Maine is holding $275 million in unclaimed property.

According to an article by WABI, this happens every year when entities can’t find the owner of the money.

$275 million is a lot of mula, and some of it could really be yours. If you go to this link here, you can type in your name and location and see if you’re owed anything. It only takes a second and could pay off if your name is on that list.

I’ve trained at a couple service jobs where I left after a few shifts and never bothered to pick up my single digit checks, so I was hoping I would be a lucky name on the list but alas.

Definitely check it out and see if any of this money is yours, there’s a whole list of reasons the state has it in holding. The article lists reasons like unattended bank accounts, uncashed checks, life insurance policies, stocks and dividends, unpaid wages, etc.

My irrational fear of an uncashed check of mine floating around clearly is not irrational, and is the reason I have recently become a P.O. box owner.

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