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Maine is an incredibly beautiful state known for many different things so it’s not too surprising when we see ourselves land on top 10 national lists.

The one time a Maine ranking surprised me was when a study claimed that Maine didn’t make it on the top 20 list for happiest states to live in.

I may be biased but I think Maine is one of the happiest states you could live in with so much to offer and diverse landscapes.

While one study claims we aren’t one of the happiest states, a more recent study shows that we at least know how to chill out.

Maine is One of the Most ‘Relaxed’ States in the U.S.

A study done by Hush took a look at Google Trends data to research which states in the U.S. had the lowest interest for searches related to sleep anxiety.

The study look at various search terms, including “sleep anxiety”; “how to sleep better”; “insomnia”; “why can’t I sleep”; “sleep remedies”; “sounds for sleep”; “weighted blanket”; “white noise machine”; and “sleep apnea”.

A spokesperson from Hush shared:

“There are plenty of things that can prevent people from feeling relaxed at night, for example poor sleep hygiene, work-related stress, and even medical conditions. So, many people who struggle to feel relaxed will be searching for things to help them wind down and hopefully improve their sleeping pattern. However, what’s interesting to see here is that many of these top 10 areas offer incredible natural scenery including Wyoming’s stunning mountains and Maine’s tranquil lakes. Perhaps the peaceful landscapes are one of the factors that can contribute to winding down and achieving a good night’s sleep.”

So, the study uses the ability to sleep as an indicator for levels of relaxation and based on these terms, Maine is ranked at No. 6 for the most relaxed states in the country.

The No. 1 award for most relaxed state goes to Wyoming, and as the Hush spokesperson shared, perhaps natural beauty and landscapes plays a role in relaxation.

That would make sense to me, that the more you’re immersed and surrounded by nature the more relaxed you are.

We are blessed here in Maine to be surrounded by diverse landscapes, living in a state that's filled with mountains, farms, the ocean, lakes, we have it all.

For that reason alone, it's not surprising that Mainers know how to relax.

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