A Berwick woman allegedly threatened a Sanford teenager with a gun in a road rage incident in Maine, according to Wells police.

Police said on Tuesday they responded to the Hampton Inn on Post Road in Wells where Regina T. Frias, 56, of Berwick, allegedly followed a vehicle into a parking lot and pointed a gun at a teenager after a verbal confrontation, according to police.

Wells police said a 17-year-old female from Rochester had driven to the Hampton Inn to pick up a friend, a 19-year-old female from Sanford, before the confrontation occurred.

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Frias allegedly told police she was being tailgated by the vehicle on Route 9-B before letting the vehicle pass and later following it into the parking lot of the Hampton Inn.

Police said at this point Frias began allegedly hollering at the 17-year-old driver who stayed in the car. The 19-year-old who had gotten into the car from the Hampton Inn exited the vehicle and shouted back, per police.

Frias then allegedly removed a handgun from its holster she had been carrying on her side and pointed it at the 19-year-old female, police said, which prompted the 19-year-old to flee and call police.

Police said Frias had left the area prior to officers arriving on scene around 12:45 p.m. on Tuesday, but her vehicle description and registration number were broadcast to area agencies. North Berwick police stopped Frias' vehicle about 15 minutes later and took Frias into custody. Frias had a loaded handgun and holster on her person at the time of arrest, per police.

Frias was transported to Wells Police Department and charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, police said. She was later released on $560 bail and scheduled for an arraignment at York County Superior Court on February 5.

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