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A seriously cute baby turtle recently decided to make an appearance at a road work site.

The Maine Department of Transportation posted this great image of the baby turtle on social media. The hatchling was caught, and quickly moved close to a nearby waterway. This simple little act gives a new chance to the turtle, who could've easily been caught right up in the rest of the rocks.

The hatchling looks like a baby common snapping turtle. The common snapping turtle is, well, common. It's also one of the seven native land turtles in Maine. Their bodies can grow to about 20 inches, and they usually live between 30 and 40 years. The reason why people tend to see them on roads is because the gravel and sand are a big hit for the momma snapping turtles looking to set up their nests.

The Maine DOT also posted some great information regarding turtle crossings. That information includes tips like 1.) never pick a turtle up by the tail, and 2.) always carry them in the same direction they were going.

There's also different tips on how to carry turtles. The Maine DOT specifically lays out how to deal with snapping turtles.

Place one hand on the back of the top shell just above the tail, and behind the hind legs. The other hand is then carefully placed on the front of the turtle’s top shell directly above and behind the turtle’s head.

A hearty shoutout to the Maine DOT for this great act of kindness. It's always great to read about a happy ending.

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