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Even though some Mainers started decorating before Thanksgiving, now that Turkey Day has officially come and gone, locals that celebrate have their eyes on all things Christmas.

And generally, when decorating for Christmas, one of the first things to go up is the family Christmas tree.

Chris Briggs
Chris Briggs

The big question, though, is usually always the same year after year -- where is the best place to get a Christmas tree?

Of course, there are some Maine residents that will take the easier way out and just buy a fake tree at a store. And it's no judgment at all because an artificial tree definitely has its pros -- no constant needles all over the floor, no pets drinking the tree water, and no annoyingly stringing up your own lights.

But for other Mainers, nothing beats the smell and look of a fresh, real tree.

And that's exactly how Mainer Meghan Ganson feels about Christmas trees -- real is the ONLY deal. But obviously, when you get a real tree, you want a quality tree that will last through the entire holiday season.

Meghan recently asked a question on the Portland, Maine group on Facebook about where exactly the best place to snag a tree is.

Anyone have Christmas tree farm recommendations in the area? Looking to stay within 40mins of Portland and trying to avoid just going to a parking lot to pick up a tree.

So, with that said...

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