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Maine is called Vacationland because people really like to vacation here. The spike in short-term rentals has only furthered Maine's popularity, with people seeking an escape to a place where things seem to slow down just a bit.

Short-term rental sites like Airbnb can be a little overwhelming, especially when it comes to Maine. There are farms and houseboats, yurts and cottages, spare bedrooms, and luxury mansions all available if you know how to search.


If price isn't an issue, Maine's most expensive Airbnb listing is an eye-opener. If you're old enough to remember Robin Leach and his show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, he would gush over how posh this oceanfront rental is in Scarborough, Maine.

There are several other options on Airbnb that are built for large groups. Whether you're having a wedding, birthday party, or just looking to get together with old friends, rental mansions exist for the right price. But that's simply not the case with the Scarborough oceanfront home. It's meant for a smaller group to wind down and relax.


As anyone who has traveled to a luxury resort can attest, quality is expensive. This Scarborough estate is listed at $5,000 per night. If you plan on staying an entire week, after taxes and fees, it will run you a cool $40,000.

So what can you get for that kind of cash? Here's a quick peek inside the most expensive Airbnb rental in Maine right now.

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A dazzling oceanfront property in Scarborough that features a stone fireplace, sun room, private gym and more is Maine's most expensive AirBnb rental at $40,000 per week. 

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