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This is crazy, right?  A standing ovation and cheer-filled kudos to the 100 challengers. This event is called "Last Skier Standing" and it's a grassroots event created two years ago right here in New Hampshire.

The concept is simple, but involves a brutally challenging execution. According to the Last Skier Standing Facebook page, challengers must skin up and ski down 1,000 vertical feet, every hour, until there's one skier left standing.

By the way, participants ski up Black Mountain in Jackson. There's no chairlift for this extreme craziness.  I'm already tired just thinking about it.

According the the New England Ski Journal:

During the event, each skier has one hour to ascend and descend the 1,000 vertical feet to and from the summit. At the beginning of the following hour, the skiers line up before starting their next lap together. Only one lap is allowed per skier per hour, and the lap must be finished within that same timeframe. 

This year's winner is 34 year old Brody Leven, from Salt Lake City, Utah. He wins lots of cool ski swag and bragging rights.

He literally skied for an incredible 65,000 vertical feet in 65 consecutive hours.  Comments on the Ski the Whites Instagram page are in awe, using words like "legendary," "unreal," and "insanity."

True grit. Didn’t think 65 was possible on that course. Congrats to all, especially the final three. Thanks also to Andrew, Monte and crew for creating this special event. Incredible.


According to the Ski the Whites Instagram page:

An insane amount of time to not only be skinning, skiing, but doing all the other essentials like nutrition, body care, gear maintenance, and napping. This is a direct reflection of having super crews to let the athletes focus on one thing and that’s getting out for another lap. See you next year! #skithewhites

Shout-out to Portsmouth, New Hampshire's own Dominic Smith, who was this year's youngest competitor at 13 years old. The oldest was 62 John Litherland from Newport, RI.

New England Ski Journal notes Ben Eck of Somerville, Massachusetts was last year's winner, finishing second place this year.  The top female finisher this year is Meri Harrington of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Are you up to the challenge next year?  Do you have what it takes to be the Last Skier Standing? I don't, but I'll meet everyone for a cocktail after the challenge.

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