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If you came across some incredible art work in the sand on Hampton Beach this past weekend, chances it was the handiwork of Sebastian "Subby" Privitera.

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Sebastian Subby Privitera
Sebastian Subby Privitera

So what is Subby's story? How did he decide that sand art was his favorite form of artistic expression?

Subby told News Center Maine that his hobby of creating sand art started when he went to the beach with his family a few years ago. He's not a "lay around in the sun all day" kind of guy, but likes to stay busy and work with his hands! He started making sand castles with his kids, and as time went on, they got more and more elaborate.

Subby describes creating sand art as therapeutic and healing. He uses a rake as his paint brush and the sand as his canvas. With the smell of the ocean and the sun on his back, it sure beats your typical art studio!

The Methuen native is incredibly humble, and told the news station that anyone could do what he does, and that it's not hard to do. Clearly Subby has not seen my attempt at making a sand castle, because it is a sad state of affairs.

His love and talent for sand art has blossomed into a successful business. Subby holds private workshops where he can teach your friends his sand sculpting tips and tricks.

Also, if you want to propose to your significant other with a message in the sand, Subby can do that for you. If you want to honor the life of someone you loved and lost, he also does memorials:

Check out his full list of services and more of his work on his website.

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