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The famous "Moe's Sandwiches" of Dover has officially moved.

If you're not familiar with Moe's Sandwiches, you are probably new to the area or dislike Italian sandwiches.

What do Italian sandwiches have to do with a popular sandwich shop? Everything.

Moe's Sandwich Shops have been around the Seacoast since 1959.

In May of 1959, Phil "Moe" Pagano opened the first-ever Moe's on Daniel Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The craziest part of this business endeavor? Moe would only sell one type of sandwich.

"The sandwich, now known as a Moe's Original, is based on a recipe handed down to Phil from his Mama," according to the Moe's website. "It featured mild cooked Salami with just the right about of spices, creamy provolone, thinly-sliced onions and peppers, dill pickles, tomatoes and olives, with a touch of blended olive oil – artfully arranged on the perfect roll (not too hard and not too soft)."

"Moe's Original" caught on like wildfire in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. After much success in Portsmouth, Moe's Sandwiches expanded into a franchise with locations in Exeter, Durham, Lee, Plaistow, Somersworth, Rochester, Seabrook, Raymond, Concord, Manchester, Sanford (ME), Newburyport (MA), and Dover.

Clearly the Seacoast, specifically the Granite Staters, love Moe's.

For those who chose Moe's in Dover, we've got some important news for you: they have just moved.

As of May 1, the location that has served Moe's Sandwiches for 50 years is no longer in operation.

The good news is that they are already up and operating at their new Dover location. Three days was all it took for the new Dover location to move and get cooking for their first customers.

Check out the new Moe's Sandwiches at 8 Pierce St. Unit 100 Dover, NH.

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