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Check out this monster.

Enormous Maine Lobster

That is one old, scary, enormous, and pretty awesome lobster.

The video was posted by Jacob Knowles, a fifth generation lobsterman here in Maine. Jake posted the video on his TikTok page, and it blew up.

The video shows this absolutely mammoth lobster caught by Knowles in the Gulf of Maine in late May.

Jacob Knowles via TiTok: Canva
Jacob Knowles via Tik Tok: Canva

As impressive as the size of this beast is, what Knowles says about its sage absolutely blows the mind.

100-Year-Old Lobster

“This lobster’s gotta be around 100 years old."

Wait, what? Did he say 100 years old?

He did, and honestly, it's not a crazy statement at all. According to livescience.com, Maine lobster can live to at least 100 years old. Numerous reasons play into its ability to live such a long life. Those include living in a cold water environment, and the never-ending molting process.

A Family Connection?

While the potential life expectancy is incredible, it still doesn't hit home like Knowles following comment. This one blows the mind.

My father has very likely caught this lobster at one point in his life, so has my grandfather, and possibly my great-grandfather. If you want to get crazy, it’s possible that my great-great-grandfather caught that lobster when he was a baby.

This is where you insert the gif of someone's head exploding. It's quite possibly the most amazing way of putting the situation into perspective. And considering lobsters typically stay in the same area, he may be entirely correct.

Knowles goes on to mention that the caught monster seems relatively healthy for the size and age, and eventually throws it back. That lobster still has some baby-making to do, no matter the age. And, who knows, maybe Knowle's children will get a shot at catching the beast as well.

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