“Compost Matters!” is the motto belonging to Mr. Fox, a locally owned business that services the New Hampshire and Maine Seacoast area.

Started over 10 years ago, Mr. Fox has been expanding both their residential and commercial services throughout many surrounding towns. They’re steadily growing as a company - hiring more drivers, getting new trucks, and using the newest technologies in order to run as efficient as possible - and are now offering composting bins at the Dover Recycling Center.

Small habits can make big changes, Mr. Fox believes. Composting organic waste diverts it from the landfill, allowing for it to be processed separately and reused. You can even purchase “Magic Soil” or regular compost from Mr. Fox after it has been properly processed to yield greatest growing results.

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This nutrient-rich, locally-sourced “black gold” is perfect for gardens, lawns and landscaping. The regular compost mix works well for potted plants, herbs or as a bark mulch substitute.

Mr. Fox composting process meets the National Organic Program (NOP) standard requirements and their practices are regulated by the state of Maine Department of Environmental Services.

Keep an eye out for the Mr. Fox composting bin at the Dover Recycling Center. Here is an excerpt from Mr. Fox’s Facebook page:

Welcome DOVER!!! We are so excited to announce a Mr. Fox large bin will now be stationed at the Dover Recycling Center!
You will be able to bring a bucket and tip your organic waste, food scraps etc in the bin and help divert waste from being trapped in a landfill.
Thank you Dover for working on making this happen. We could not be more excited!
We also service Dover with our curbside compost pick-up too. If you want to sign up head to the Mr Fox website!

For more information, visit Mr. Fox’s website here.

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