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A town in southern Maine got quite a compliment from a national publication recently.

The seaside town of Ogunquit was listed as one of the best towns to visit. However, it may not be what you're thinking, because this article has nothing to do with summer vacation.

Travel + Leisure Magazine named Ogunquit as one the 25 best towns to visit for the Christmas season. In fact, the publication listed the York County town as the 2nd best in the entire country, only behind the resort town of Aspen, Colorado.

This is what Travel + Leisure had to say about its 2nd best Christmas town...

Travelers may be drawn to this former artists' colony in Maine as a beach getaway, but the holiday season brings the perks of winter on the sand: lower prices and overall calm, with just enough festivity to keep things humming. Mid-December's Christmas by the Sea festival typically includes a bonfire on the beach and visits with Santa...

It's a tremendous writeup for Ogunquit, especially regarding the Christmas by the Sea festival.

Ogunquit's Christmas by the Sea festival will be entering its 36th year. The holiday festivities include concerts, tree lightings, activities, a parade, and much more. It's exactly how you would expect a perfect little Maine seaside town to celebrate the Christmas season. It's also the kind of event that helps give the town its wonderful reputation.

But the truth is that many of Maine's incredible coastal towns are a great visit during the holiday. Honestly, Travel + Leisure could probably devote an entire piece to just Maine communities and their amazing holiday festivities.

However, I don't want to take any recognition away from Ogunquit. This is a great honor for the town, and very well-deserved. And to be so high on a list with many national recognizable towns is quite special.

Ogunquit wasn't the only New England town to make the list. Natick, Massachusetts, was listed number 4, Newport, Rhode Island, 14th, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 20th. You can see the entire list here.

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