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Mark Cuban, meet Laura Lady.

This weekend, the latter, an entrepreneur who lives in Webster, New Hampshire, will try to impress Cuban and the other Sharks on a brand-new episode of the ABC series Shark Tank.

Lady is pitching a product known as FryAway. Its purpose is turning cooking oil into organic waste, then breaking it down naturally rather than polluting the environment.

According to Patch, Lady was inspired by something called a “fatberg” in London, which is a giant, solid mass of waste commonly found in the sewer.

Speaking of which, do we think she can talk Mark Cuban into buying the Red Sox?

For those unfamiliar with Shark Tank, the Dallas Mavericks owner sits on a panel of entrepreneurs who are pitched a series of inventions and products ranging from ambitious to…strange.

According to SharkTankBlog, Lady previously worked in the toy industry for the likes of Mattel and Boston-bound LEGO. FryAway itself is described as a “nontoxic powder that, when added to warm cooking oil, solidifies into a solid, Jello-like material.”

Well, I know I’m hungry!

But it certainly beats the alternative of polluting or damaging your pipes with cooking oil. Lady reportedly has the product for sale in 1,100 stores. FryAway is currently manufactured in Webster.

Even though the episode has already been taped, Lady didn’t reveal if she was able to make a sale. So, we’ll have to tune in to ABC on January 27 at 8.

It would be a nice full-circle moment for the Granite State, given its historic contribution to backed-up pipes.

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