Former President Donald Trump was acquitted on charges brought before the U.S. Senate over the weekend.

Although seven Republicans joined 50 Democrats who voted to impeach Trump, the 67 votes needed were not met in order to act affirmatively on the Article of Impeachment brought forth by the House of Representatives.

Two New Hampshire senators as well as two Maine senators all voted to impeach the former commander in chief. One in particular, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, was among the handful of Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.

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Here's what all four Senators had to say about their respective decisions:

Sen. Angus King (Maine)

During his four years in the Oval Office, former President Trump made a number of decisions that I disagreed with – decisions that made America less safe, less prepared for the challenges of the future, and less connected to the values that have defined our nation since its founding. But in my eyes, the former President’s effort to delegitimize a free and fair election was his most dangerous failing. As was his right, the former President sought to challenge the results through the courts and had his legal team argue his case; those results proved fruitless, as 60 rulings went against him due to lack of evidence or demonstrably false claims. That’s when the President escalated things further doing more harm -- pushing the big lie of a ‘stolen election,’ stoking the anger of his base and telling them they could not trust the press, or the election officials, or the courts. He continued this disinformation campaign relentlessly until January 6th, when the rally crowd he invited to Washington, D.C. with a promise that ‘it will be wild’ marched to Capitol Hill with his encouragement. It was only then – when the seat of democracy was under attack – that President Trump went silent.

Read his full comments here.

Sen. Maggie Hassan (New Hampshire)

After listening to the arguments from the House Managers and former President Trump’s defense, I voted in favor of the article of impeachment. As dangerous as Donald Trump’s actions were over the course of the months, days, and hours leading up to the violent insurrection, my vote today was less about holding Trump as an individual accountable than it is about protecting our country from similar threats in the future — at his hands or at the hands of others.

Read her full comments here.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire)

Donald Trump’s actions incited an insurrection on the U.S. government. It had deadly consequences and threatened the stability of our democracy. The House managers made their case. Donald Trump’s lawyers did not. For that reason, I voted in favor of impeachment.

Read her full comments here.

Sen. Susan Collins (Maine)

My vote in this trial stems from my own oath and duty to defend the Constitution of the United States. The abuse of power and betrayal of his oath by President Trump meet the constitutional standard of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ and for those reasons I voted to convict Donald J. Trump.

Read her full comments here.

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