Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday. Although Inauguration Day undoubtedly looked different in 2021, amid a global pandemic and overwhelming security surrounding the U.S. Capitol following riots earlier this month, the nation's transition of power was still fulfilled.

Here's what some New Hampshire representatives had to say about President Biden's inauguration:

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

I hope Joe Biden’s message to Americans today echoes in communities across the nation: a brighter future is on the horizon and the way forward is together. The last year alone has been brutal for Granite Staters and all American families, with the coronavirus taking the lives of more than 400,000 and putting millions of Americans out of work. Getting to the other side of this crisis and helping people rebuild will require a whole of government approach. It demands a leader who will put people over politics and country over party. That leader is President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Read her full statement here.

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Rep. Chris Pappas

Today we begin a new and historic chapter in the story of America with the inauguration of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris. I join my fellow Americans in celebrating this moment, while reflecting on the magnitude of the challenges that we must now face together as one nation. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris enter office at a time unlike any in our modern memory. A deadly pandemic still rages, with a death toll over 400,000 of our fellow Americans. Our economy remains on the brink, with millions still out of work and small businesses forced to close. And the very foundation of our democracy has been shaken. But I am confident that the American people will meet this moment and that we will begin the process of healing and rebuilding under the leadership of President Biden. His experience, character, and compassion will help unite our country with a common purpose and deliver meaningful results for all Americans.

Read his full statement here.

Sen. Maggie Hassan

At this crossroads in our nation’s history, President Joe Biden called on all of us to recommit to our shared values to build a stronger country where all Americans may thrive. As he reminded us, there is no challenge that Americans can’t conquer when we work together. I am ready to get to work with President Biden, Vice President Harris, and my colleagues, Republicans and Democrats, to serve all Americans. Together, we can and must begin recovering from this devastating virus that has taken more than 400,000 Americans and left so many people struggling. Like President Biden, I believe that we can and will write the next great chapter in our American story: a thriving, more just America with a seat for everyone at the table.

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