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Everyone who grew up in New England knows the rush of waking up to snowfall, rushing to the TV, and staring at The Crawl, the alphabetic listing of area schools and school districts that would determine by 6 a.m. whether your gamble to skip doing your homework paid off.

But for today’s students, there’s no business like snow business. According to WMUR, several Granite State schools will pivot to remote learning on Thursday during a rare 2023 snowstorm.

The minute I heard about Zoom during the pandemic, I knew the snow day’s days were numbered. If class can be taught remotely under those circumstances, why wouldn’t remote learning come back during a storm?

It’s a divisive issue, though. So before Richard - the President of my Facebook fan club - weighs in with his thoughts, let’s take a look at the winners and losers:


The teachers. No more driving to school on icy roads with supplies they had to buy with their own money rolling around in the car. No more ice and sleet dirtying their classrooms, and no more working until the 4th of July when Mother Nature goes nuts. If they want, they can teach in slippers. And by God, they deserve it.


The parents. It's no small task to do your own work while making sure your child stays tuned into a remote session. But it beats worrying about their safety on the roads, and we won’t have to postpone or cancel summer vacations in the event snow occurs more than once per winter.


To the children of New Hampshire, I commend you taking the time to read this article. It shows character and a genuine interest in your education and the issues of today.

Also, HA HA! The only TikTok you’re hearing today is the clock in your own living room while you learn all about Eli Whitney. You should read all about snow days as we had them. Because like Mr. Whitney, they’re history.

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