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I have always been infatuated with pigs ever since I read the book "Charlotte's Web" and I took a liking to Wilbur. I started collected pig stuffed animals and always dreamed I would have a pet pig someday.

Unfortunately, though, my two-bedroom apartment in Portsmouth is often a pigsty (ba dum chhh) it is not exactly pig friendly. So my pig-owning days are being put on hold.

If you are an experienced pig owner and you are looking to expand your drove, listen up! The New Hampshire SPCA posted about these two sweet ladies yesterday and they sound like a ton of fun. Their names are Penny Jo and Topanga (like in "Boy Meets World") and they have been described as "extra, mischievous, sassy, and loud".

Penny Jo


According to the post:

"They like snacks, belly rubs, butt scratches, and mud--in that order. If you looked up “attention hog” in the dictionary, you’d see their faces. Or more likely, just a blur because they are usually too busy squealing around their paddock living life to the fullest  They are super friendly, super nice pigs that want nothing more than you to play in the mud with them!"

Here's the deal, Topanga and Penny Jo are besties to the highest degree so ideally, these two ladies come as a package deal. I think if the New Hampshire SPCA  HAD to separate them they would but they would much rather find a home for both. If you or anyone you know is interested contact them directly at info@nhspca.org.

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