Living in New England, most of us are used to seeing countless tourists come to the area, especially during the summer and fall months.

With the splendid foliage, Halloween festivities, and other seasonal happenings, it totally makes sense why so many people would want to experience it for themselves. And now, tourism officials have said that they have high hopes for the upcoming fall tourism season.

A recent press release by the NH Division of Travel and Tourism Development predicts that a whopping 4.3 million visitors will soon visit the Granite State and collectively spend over $2 billion, which is sure to be a big help to an already-thriving tourism industry.

Last year's fall tourism "resulted in a 39% increase in year-over-year visitation," according to the press release. Tourism officials predict that this increase will be a little slower this year compared to last year, when people were extra motivated to get outdoors as things continued to return to normalcy post-pandemic. Other factors in last year's uptick in tourism included "drivable outdoor leisure activities statewide, and early targeted marketing efforts," the release explained.

According to Taylor Caswell, the commissioner of the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs, “The Fall travel season is an incredible economic driver for our state, and we are constantly working to maximize and expand visitation for the benefit of our partners and the people of New Hampshire."

So, here's to an exciting season to come, and let's be kind and patient with tourists, shall we? It's only fair that they get to have a positive time experiencing where we get to live year-round.

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