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I've said it before and I'll say it again, Reddit is my new favorite place on the internet.

So many interesting conversations are happening in these threads, and the comments often have me howling with laughter. Is everyone on Reddit a stand-up comedian? It seems like it.

I've also noticed that the vibes on Reddit are very positive, at least on the groups I follow. There seems to be less bickering and trolling as opposed to other social platforms.

I am a member of the New Hampshire Subreddit and the rules are simple:

  1. Please try to keep posts on topic to New Hampshire.
  2. Please follow rediquette (lol I love that that is a word)
  3. Massholes go home
  4. A-holes go home

Easy rules to abide by, right?

Recently someone posted the question "What’s your favorite NH trivia or fun fact?" and it absolutely blew up. I learned all kinds of awesome things about our great state. The ones that got the most likes and engagement have been deemed the "Top 10" and here they are:

New Hampshire's Top 10 Fun Facts According to Reddit

A lot of cool stuff and very important contributions to society happened in the Granite State. Here are the top 10 New Hampshire fun facts according to the people of Reddit.

Did you know all of those? The paintball and potato facts were both news to me! You learn something new every day.

And speaking of New Hampshire, here's some ways to tell you were born and bred in the Granite State: 

25 Ways to Tell You are From New Hampshire

One Granite Stater can always sniff out another and these are some tell tale signs!

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