Newburyport is getting a new coffee shop and it's no ordinary place!

According to a post from Newburyport News on Twitter, Battle Grounds Coffee Company will open a new location on Pleasant Street.

Battle Grounds Coffee already has two locations in Haverhill and Lawrence, according to their website.

Also, their brand tagline is:  "Country, Community, Coffee."

Here's a little bit about their background:

In 2015, Dana and Salvatore DeFranco were on a mission to find a café that was accountable; a place that took pride in what they served. This task turned out to be more difficult than they had anticipated. Never ones to accept failure, Salvatore and Dana set out to create something that did not exist. A café that would transform the community in which it resided. A place where ideas would be born and businesses would be built. A place for entrepreneurs, and artists. A place where people could relax and create. A place for a cappuccino, and a glass of wine. A place that truly embodied the American spirit.

Dana and Salvatore believe in only offering products they are proud of. This is why they serve only Battle Grounds Coffee.

Wow!  This doesn't sound like your everyday coffee shop!  Turns out, the owners are not your everyday people.  Check this out:  (Warning:  This may make you cry....)

More good news!

If you'd like to work there, they are hiring in both the Newburyport and Haverhill locations:


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