The state Attorney General's Office released its partial Exculpatory Evidence Schedule list Wednesday of police officers who have committed questionable acts that could affect the outcome of a trial.

The list, also known as the "Laurie List," has previously been released with many redactions. A new state law requires its release in parts to allow officers on the list to file an appeal for their removal. Some of the officers included are retired or deceased.

The name comes from the NH Supreme Court 1995 decision to overturn the murder conviction of Carl Laurie because information about a police witnesses previous behavior had not been disclosed by the state.

Nearly 50 different agencies are represented on the list including local departments, sheriff's offices and State Police.

The first 90 names were show the date of the incident, when an officer was notified of their inclusion on the list and a one word category of the offense. Approximately 60 of the names were in the category "truthfulness" with "criminal conduct" and "falsification of records" also listed.

The ACLU of New Hampshire and Center for Public Interest Journalism filed a lawsuit filed against the state to get a "clean" unredacted list released to the public.

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