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This is the fourth year of giving for this anonymous group.

I was invited to join a group of friends who get together every year and have breakfast near the holidays. But it's not a normal breakfast - it's a breakfast with the goal of leaving an unsuspecting waitstaff a huge tip. This year this group of friends who wish to remain anonymous, chose a single mom at Cafe Espresso in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


No one knew the plan except those attending the breakfast. It was not spoken of, and the money was clandestinely collected. The rules are to bring $100 and get some breakfast. What's left is the tip for the waitstaff. I was so nervous and excited to help someone. I didn't want to blow it or tip (so to speak) anyone off about what we were doing.

The group was nearly 20 people. In the end, when breakfast was subtracted, the tip was $1531.33. Her reaction was so sweet. She was definitely surprised.

I knew no one in this group of friends. My only common bond is that I was invited to be part of it and I said yes. They asked if I wanted to come next year and I jumped at the chance. I know the world can seem incredibly overwhelming sometimes. Ever found yourself saying, 'What difference can I make?'

On a Sunday morning, a couple of dozen people got together and changed the life of a mom just trying to make her way in the world. Don't let pessimism stop you - you can make a difference.

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