If you're hoping that Tuesday night's storm will bring snow to the Seacoast, you're going to be disappointed.

An area of low pressure moving up the coast will bring precipitation to the mountains of northern New England with a quick turnover for coastal areas. The best chance of snow for the Seacoast region is northern Strafford County, where an inch or less could fall before the change to rain.

"I do think we'll start off as some snow and sleet and the ground may get dusted with white late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, but then enough warm air comes in and changes it to rain along the coast," meteorologist Mark Rosenthal told Seacoast Current.

The further north and west one travels, the more snow and ice will fall, according to Rosenthal, although the snow will change to rain during the day on Wednesday.

The snow "jackpot" for this storm are the hills and mountains.

"The ski hills about 1,000 feet could see well over six inches of snow," Rosenthal said.

Snow fall estimates, probability of 2" or more from Tuesday storm 11/14/22
Snow fall estimates, probability of 2" or more from Tuesday storm 11/14/22 (NWS)

When Will It Snow?

Rosenthal said that despite the warm fall season, winter weather is definitely coming to the Seacoast as the weather pattern is changing. We appear to be on track for the average first significant snow of the season during the first or second week of December.

"The stratosphere is starting to warm up, and that weakens the Polar Vortex. And when the Polar Vortex weakens, it allows colder air from way up above in the upper levels of the atmosphere to move south into lower latitudes," Rosenthal said.

This will set up a "battle zone" with warmth in the southeastern states, allowing a snowstorm to "pop" quickly in the next two weeks or so, according to Rosenthal.

Meteorologist Mark Rosenthal's forecast can be heard weekdays on The Shark Morning Show with Jon Rineman.

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