It can be a shocking experience when you are driving on the highway and a sheet of ice comes flying up from the roof of the car in front of you. My friend got her windshield SMASHED UP from a sheet of ice last Winter. She was scared to drive for months after that and I don't blame her.

Sometimes the ice will land on the road but that is the best case scenario. It can just easily land on a car and cause severe damage, injury, or even death. People know this but sometimes laziness prevails. Every single Winter we see people driving on the highway with a roof covered in snow and ice. And every single Winter New Hampshire State Police make a point to remind drivers that Jessica's Law in our state is no joke. You MUST clean off your roof before driving or there will be severe consequences.

What will happen if you decide to drive without clearing off your car? First-time violators can be fined not less than $250 nor more than $500 and second time violators will be fined not less than $500 nor more than $1,000. It's not worth it,  people!

Jessica's Law came into effect in 2002. Library Guides reports a sheet of ice flew off a tractor trailer truck and hit another one, causing a head on collision in which Jessica Smith, 20, was killed.


Jessica's mother, Linda Smith, has said in the past

 "It takes not even five minutes to clean off your car. It can take three seconds to kill somebody."


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