Did you know that the world's first mountain climbing cog railway came to be right in the White Mountains of New Hampshire?

For more than 150 years, the Mount Washington Cog Railway has served as a premier New England attraction, according to their website. The railway route carries passengers up to the peak of Mount Washington, which is the "highest peak in the Northeast" at 6,288 feet.

So...what exactly is a 'cog railway'?

Merriam-Webster defines it as "a steep mountain railroad that has a rail with cogs engaged by a cogwheel on the locomotive to ensure traction." The Cog Railway's website explains that the Mount Washington Cog Railway is the first of its kind in the world. Isn't it awesome how we have such unique history right here in New Hampshire?

The views also seem to be beautiful any time of year.

There are several different experiences that the Cog Railway offers. This year, the site says that the Steam Train will be traveling to the mountain's summit between May 28-October 10, 2022, while a Biodiesel one will be making a similar journey between April 30-October 16. Both trips are approximately 3 hours long, and allow passengers ample time to explore the summit upon arrival.

The railway remains in use during the winter months, but the trains instead travel up to Waumbek Station and Skyline rather than the mountain's summit. You can learn more about winter at the Cog here.

There's even a live webcam if you want to try and catch the train in action.

Would you like to make this fun train ride part of your summer or even winter plans? Click here for FAQ's, and get your tickets here.

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