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Living in New England, it's always refreshing when nature begins to come to life again after a long, cold winter.

You know the first time you see a flower in April and realize you haven't seen one in forever? Or how about when the buds begin to bloom on the trees and the world becomes enveloped in green? Yes, bugs are pesky as heck, but even their presence is a reminder that warmer times have returned.

On the topic of flowers, here's a way for you to spend some time outside and take home a little piece of nature's beauty to spruce up your home and add some spring cheer to it. Mother's Day is also this Sunday, so this could be the perfect sentimental outing for you to enjoy together.

This Thursday through Sunday at Wilson Farm in Lexington, Massachusetts, you can handpick your own bouquet of tulips. This special tulip season kicked off on April 21, and concludes this weekend according to the Farm's website.

Just look at how bright and beautiful these flowers are. They probably smell equally lovely, too.

Once you arrive and check in at the Farm, you'll be given a basket for carrying the flowers, and can then make your way to the field. The website explains that as you're picking, you'll want to grab the bottom of the tulip stem and gently twist to separate it from the bulb. If you'd like to take the bulb home, you're allowed to do so as well.

Once you've taken these beautiful flowers home, here are the Farm's instructions for properly caring for your tulips:

"Once you get home, fill a vase with cold water. Remove any foliage which will be below the water line in your vase. Re-cut the stem a half an inch from the base of the stem with a clean and sharp knife or scissors. Keep the tulips out of direct sunlight and warm locations. Check the water level of the vase daily, adding water when needed. Completely change the water at a minimum every three days."

What a special and therapeutic way to enjoy the arrival of spring. Click here to learn more about tulip picking at Wilson Farm, and reserve your time slot here.

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