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Pine Point Beach House in Scarborough, Maine

Having grown up in Southern Maine, I have always dreamt of living on the beach. I spend my summers driving to Higgins, Scarborough, and Pine Point beaches and am enamored by the cottages and beach houses sitting right in the sand.

I can’t imagine taking the first sip of coffee in the morning while sitting on my porch in a salty breeze starting my morning with the sounds of the sea. You would have to peel me away from my house. I would become a homebody.

In today’s market, I can’t even afford rent an hour from the beach so I sure as heck aren’t in the tax bracket for a beach house but that doesn’t stop me from looking at real estate that’s out of my reach. A girl can dream, right?

When I’m at the beach ooh-ing and awe-ing at the beach houses, I always want to know what they look like inside. What does a cottage on the coast of Maine look like? What would it be like to live steps away from the sand, just a short stroll to the ocean?

You can get a taste of what life would be like on Pine Point beach through this new real estate listing showcasing a 6-bedroom beach cottage for sale in Scarborough. The 2,728 sq ft home is listed at $1.6M and you can see why… Check it out:

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