Steak Bomb subs are always a crowd pleaser here in New England! I remember we had a sub shop in my hometown of Leominster, MA, called Tory's and it was pretty legendary. The subs were massive and the cheese to steak ratio was absolutely perfect. They go by a different name now but here is an amazing Yelp review from back in 2008 that really captures the essence of the original Tory's:

"I felt compelled to write a review about the best thing that has happened to my home town since the Plastic Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament was invented there. "

YUP, that is my hometown's claim to fame! 

"For just over $7 the large Cheese Steaks are amazing and huge enough to feed a small African village. Packed with fresh, lean steak and gooey melted cheese the cheese steaks come in too many varieties to count (ok 21 really, but that is a lot). "

Gooey is the perfect word to describe the consistency of this sandwich and it was nothing short of beautiful

It may be blasphemy to anyone from Philly, but if loving Tory's is wrong I don't want to be right."

Amen to that.

I have never found a sub shop that replaced Tory's in my heart but I have a feeling that is all about to change...

Jitto's Super Steak has been filling bellies on the Seacoast with the best steak tip and Philly cheese steak subs since 1979!

I saw in a group I follow on Facebook called Seacoast Eats, Jitto's just got some major publicity in the national publication Cook's Country! They did a two page spread on the beloved Steak Bomb spot and interviewed the owner, Kathy Nadeau.

Rich Jeffrey via Seacoast Eats Facebook
Rich Jeffrey via Seacoast Eats Facebook
Rich Jeffrey via Seacoast Eats Facebook
Rich Jeffrey via Seacoast Eats Facebook

I really enjoyed reading up on the history of this Seacoast staple. They also included a recipe where you can attempt to make Jitto's style steak and cheese subs at home. I think I will just go there and leave it to the professionals :)

Congrats to the whole crew over at Jitto's! I can't wait to try your famous steak bomb sometime soon!

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