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Needless to say, the pandemic has presented many challenges to schools and educators. Students and teachers have had to make countless sacrifices and adapt the way they do things for over a year!

The silver lining? In tough times we are forced to band together and often times it creates a bond that is stronger than ever. The staff and PTA at Barrington Elementary School is certainly an example of that.

Andrea Plona, an Administrative Assistant and District Communication Liaison at Barrington Elementary school, shared with me that she is incredibly honored to be a part of this hard working staff. They have been doing full-on, in person learning since September, while also offering 100+ students the option of remote learning. They have continually trudged forth and kept their heads up through a very challenging year.

Andrea said:

"Barrington Educators are truly a remarkable group of people who have banded together and shown their resiliency to keep up with all of the needs of the families within the community."

Yesterday, Carrie Neill, the PTA president, treated the staff at Barrington Elementary School to a pretty special treat. It is Educator Appreciation week and what better way to celebrate hard working folks than treating them to delicious burgers and fries?!

Andrea Plona via Facebook
Andrea Plona via Facebook

Carrie has planned an entire week of fun activities for Educator Appreciation Week. Check it out:

BES Schedule

In addition to the PTA, the staff is being recognized greatly by the SAU (Superintendent's Office), The School Board, Parents and the surrounding Community this week.


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