Do I really want to start this article out by saying "do it for the gram"? No. But it's true.

2023 is an era for pictures not only for social media but also for the family picture wall ideas you've probably executed in your own home off Pinterest.

I've been to tons of orchards all over Maine as I'm sure you have too if you're a Mainer looking for some great apples and great pics. It's what we do right about now.

However, there's only one orchard that has stuck out to me so far that really creates the perfect atmosphere no matter where you point the camera for a nice fam photo and some delicious apples.

Libby & Son U-Picks in Limerick won the 2023 Best Apple Orchard in America by USA TODAY as part of its "10 Best" series. And I would have picked them before even seeing this list. Definite agree.

I think it's because they've got the whole old-school farm tractor-trailer vibe to it which makes for the perfect photo prop. But also, the grass looks so well taken care of and luscious:

Feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments, but either way, I bet you'll try it.

And the apples? Their website says they've got McIntosh, Cortland, Gala and Blondee to name a few.

They don't stop at just apples at this orchard, oh no. They've got fresh blueberries, peaches, raspberries, even smoothies for the health fanatics.

Oh, and did I mention this orchard even has food and live entertainment as well?

So not only do you score big when you go apple picking here, but just make sure you capture those pics as well.

Do it for the fam gram.

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