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For so many people throughout New England, summertime means a trip to one of the great amusement parks in the area.

That includes Santa's Village, which has hosted generations of families and given them a taste of the Christmas season on the hottest days of the year.

Many didn't make it to Santa's Village in 2020 and because of that, it's possible you missed that Santa's Village has added a water park attraction to go with all their other great water features that have existed in the park for years.

Is Santa's Water Park An Entirely Separate Admission Fee?

No. Santa's Village includes their water park as part of your admission into Santa's Village. Obviously, you may want to pack a bathing suit to enjoy all that Santa's Village has to offer.

What Can I Expect At Santa's Water Park?

Santa's Water Park is essentially four different areas where kids of varying ages can enjoy themselves.

There's Polar Paradise, the newest addition to the water fun which is an interactive play area with splash zones, small multicolored slides and even a tunnel slide perfect for smaller kids.

Poogee's Splash Pad is an essential stop for some of the youngest visitors to Santa's Water Park. It's filled with gentle water fountains that offer fun but are not overwhelming.

The Ho Ho H2O is a water jungle gym of sorts for children of all ages. It includes splashes and slides as well as a monstrous bucket that dumps water onto guests awaiting a drenching.

Finally, there's the JOY ride slides, three different waterslides that take riders on twists and turns all the way down to a gentle pool. There are height and safety requirements for this attraction.

Is Santa's Waterpark Open The Same Hours As The Rest Of The Park?

No. Because all of the water in Santa's Water Park is not heated, the water park will open an hour after the regular gate on most days (and could be later if it's a cooler morning). Santa's Water Park closes 15-20 minutes prior to the rest of Santa's Village.

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