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Manna Meals has been helping the homeless in Rochester, NH, with warm meals while helping Rochester’s restaurants at the same time, according to WMUR.

The brainchild of Cheryl Huckins, Manna Meals for the Hungry calls on local Rochester restaurants on a rotating basis that people in the community can buy meals for between $5 and $7 dollars, the news station stated.

Huckins gets calls from as far away as Virginia to help purchase the meals, per the news outlet.

Huckins told WMUR.com, “I’m very grateful for the Rochester people.  I cannot believe the love that’s in this community and we work by the grace of God and we’re doing this work here on Earth.”

The meals are served every Wednesday, behind the United Methodist Church in Rochester, according to WMUR, and they sometimes included are self-care items and groceries.

Just this week Mitchell Hill BBQ provided 55 meals for the organization, according to WMUR, and Robert Benoit, co-owner of Mitchell Hill BBQ, said they try to pick meals that will be filling for those cold nights.

I love the concept of people helping people.  I mean local restaurants are benefiting from Manna Meals for the Hungry in addition to the homeless. Huckins started the project when the pandemic began as a way of others helping others.  She will continue to provide meals behind the United Methodist Church in Rochester as long as she can.

What a blessing to our community.



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