A Salisbury woman was charged Thursday with fatally poisoning her boyfriend with a compound found in anti-freeze and brake fluid.

The Essex County Attorney's Office said Judy Church, 64, called police to her home on November 11 around 8 p.m. First responders found Leroy Fowler in "obvious medical distress" and took him to Anna Jacques Hospital. He was taken to two other hospitals for treatment of poisoning from ethylene glycol and died November 13 at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.

Ethylene glycol has a sweet taste and is commonly used in antifreeze, hydraulic brake fluids, some stamp pad inks, ballpoint pens, solvents, paints, plastics, films, and cosmetics, according to the CDC.

Church was arrested Thursday and arraigned Friday in Newburyport District Court. Judge Allen Swam ordered Church held without bail.

Court documents obtained by WCVB show that hospital staff told Fowler's family that his kidneys were damaged. Police were told that Fowler had a second girlfriend who had taken a life insurance policy out on him.

A bottle of orange deicing fluid was found in Church's kitchen and fruit punch Powerade in the garbage.

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