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When it comes to the best amusement parks in America, everyone across the country would immediately think of central Florida. Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando have created two of the greatest sets of amusement parks that exist on the planet. With those two amusement parks setting the standard, it has opened up the door for others to follow the blueprint, introducing new rides and experiences and upgrading their notoriety. It has worked out for one New England amusement park, as they've officially been named one of the 10 best in the entire United States.


According to CNN Travel, Santa's Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire made the TripAdvisor 'Best Amusement Parks in America Top 10 List' at #9. The longtime family favorite has been consistent year over year at bringing the full Christmas experience to kids and adults alike, even during the hottest months of the year. While it may surprise some to see Santa's Village make the top 10, it's widely been considered the best Christmas theme park in America for quite some time.

Santa's Village Facebook
Santa's Village Facebook

So who else joined Santa's Village in the Top 10? Some heavy hitters were on the list for sure. They include:

  1. Dollywood (Tennessee)
  2. Islands of Adventure (Orlando)
  3. Magic Kingdom (Orlando)
  4. Universal Studios (Hollywood)
  5. Universal Studios (Orlando)
  6. Silver Dollar City (Missouri)
  7. Funland (Delaware)
  8. Fun Spot America (Orlando)
  9. Santa's Village (New Hampshire)
  10. Busch Gardens (Tampa)

Universal Studios claims three of the top 10 spots on the list, while only one Disney park makes the list. The true surprise is Dollywood, a consistent top 10 park that is listed as #1 for the very first time.


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