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Seacoast Granite Staters -- REJOICE!!! Seafood Season is coming back like it never even left!

You may remember last summer (and even early fall, too), the "Lobstah Lady" (aka Viktoriya) and her husband, Joel, hitting up Downtown Dover a few different times (usually the Mobil Station right at the corner of Central Ave and Court St) with incredible deals on all different kinds of lobster.

Well, this Saturday...THEY'RE BACK! Viktoriya and Joel will be posted up with Jonah Crab from right off the coast of Maine this Saturday at the Rollinsford Farmer's Market at Wentworth Greenhouses (141 Rollins Rd) starting at 10a.

Now, just a heads up that this will work a little differently than a set-up like at the Mobil Station I just mentioned where you just show up and form a line, because they're going to be at an actual Farmer's Market, which will have a capacity restriction.

So make sure you make your reservation now before you get shut out of an incredible Farmer's Market, and some of the best seafood you'll ever stuff your face with!

By the way, pro tip. Be smarter than I was when I went to their Mobil Station set-up back in the summer and only got a couple lobsters -- bring a cooler and stuff it to the brim! The prices are INCREDIBLE for the quality and size they offer, and you'll regret not taking full advantage!

Just a reminder, though, for this stop at least, they'll only have Jonah Crab. Lobsters will come later on in the season, so get ready!

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