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This is great news for many reasons.

On Friday, news broke about patio tables being stolen from the Rise + Grind in Durham and Chef Bobby Marcotte was not happy about it.  Check out the story here.  

Yesterday, Bobby got his stuff back, albeit most of it was destroyed, Bobby said on his Facebook page.  

They expect to have new patio furniture within the next couple weeks.

In the video, Bobby thanked the people who came to see him at Rise + Grind and owned up to stealing the tables.  He said that he understands that they were drunk and made some really dumb mistakes.  Bobby himself, admitted that he has made a drunken mistake or two and really, who hasn't?

Durham Police Department was awesome and Bobby wanted to thank everyone in the community who tried to help him get his stuff back.

Bobby also talked about his appearance on the Food Network.  If you haven't watched the show yet, don't read the next sentence.  He lost, but the support he's received from the Community has been amazing!

If you are watching this video below, you have to watch it until the very end.  Bobby is calling out his Mother who is constantly chiming in.  He's not sure if she knows what she's doing and it's really charming!  (He was just kidding, of course.  Every Mother is their kid's biggest fan and they can't help themselves!)


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