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It's never really a surprise when a hotel or resort in any New England states receives high praise around the country or the world.  However, it's always exciting. Since we live in a region where we can easily vacation while never leaving, it's absolutely wonderful to learn or be reminded about the wonderful and unique holiday spots we can take advantage of in our own backyard.

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Congratulations to Under Canvas Acadia, a five-star, pet friendly, safari-inspired, chic boutique resort along the rugged shores in the Surry, Maine, section of the Acadia National Park. It made the ever extraordinary Hotels Above Par online travel magazine, where the words just jump out as a perfect National Park getaway for those not into traditional camping on the cold, hard ground.

Fringing Maine’s waterfront, Under Canvas Acadia is an upscale tented-camp resort that envelopes its guests in nature while providing the utmost luxe glamping stay. By day, explore Acadia National Park’s dense forests and rugged shorelines, just a 35-minute drive from the camp resort. By night, cozy around the fire pit for nightly s’mores before sinking into the generous king-sized beds.

Nine incredible resorts made this list for those who want to enjoy and experience a national park while partaking in the finer things in life.  And Under Canvas Acadia is a best of luxe boutique hotel if you're about glamping in the most elegant way possible, with first class comforts, privacy, and style, along with a full staff.  This is literally the only way I'd ever camp.

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