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Going to a theme park is not always easy for individuals with sensory sensitivity. The sounds and lights are just some of the things that can make what is supposed to be a fun day a bit more uncomfortable for some.

Yes, there are things, like headphones, that have been invented to try to help individuals with sensory sensitivity, but they are not always helpful. Luckily, many theme parks (as well as movie theaters and more) understand this and have special days where they host sensory-friendly events.

Story Land in Glen, NH, is one of the theme parks in New England that host sensory sensitivity days.

Story Land is geared towards younger children and sends them into the world of nursery rhymes and stories. There are characters roaming around, rides, shows, and more offered daily at Story Land.

If you are wondering what Story Land does during their sensory sensitivity days, well I am here to help. According to their website, "You can expect park and ride music to be turned down or off completely, other loud park elements turned off, certain geyser features turned off, & more. The entire park will be smoke free, and we will have informational resources available from local organizations."

If you want to attend the sensory-friendly days at Story Land it is not a special event that requires additional admission. Therefore, a regular day ticket is all you will need to get in. It still will be a public operating weekend, so all guests are welcome.

Story Land will be having its sensory sensitivity days this month on September 10th and 11th.

You can find out more information and purchase tickets here.

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