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Over the past few years, one of New England's most popular amusement parks has gotten creative with new ways for people to enjoy their park. Story Land took a chance by introducing 'Nostalgia Night' in 2019, when the park transforms into an adults-only playground for the youthful at heart. After the incredible success of 'Nostalgia Night', Story Land has decided to introduce another new event into the after-hours mix. Instead of strictly adults getting to experience Story Land in the dark, the whole family can attend for one night only.

Facebook via Story Land
Facebook via Story Land

Story Land has announced their 'Past Bedtime' event for Saturday, July 2nd. The unique event will take place from 6-10pm and will feature all the rides and attractions people know and love at the park, except they will be all lit up. There will also be additional pathway entertainment, shows, games, delicious food, and a chance for some very unique and very rare photo opportunities.

This new event is another chance being taken by Story Land to utilize their park after dark. Their 'Nostalgia Night' event got so popular in just a few years that Story Land is devoting four Saturday nights this summer to the adults-only party. It's likely that the "Past Bedtime' event could get in the same extension if it becomes as popular.

The 'Past Bedtime' event requires a special ticket that isn't included in regular park admission. All individuals ages 3 and up need a ticket to attend this special event. Tickets are on sale for this one night only event now.


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